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A perfect accessory for Scouts attending Pride, this vibrant 2cm circular metal pin badge features the Pride Rainbow colours and the Scouts fleur de lis. The pin badge has a single butterfly attachment and is part of our Scouts Pride range.

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Why attend or support Pride as Scouts?

Whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity, Pride is a great opportunity to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion in Scouting.

Attending Pride events is a way of demonstrating our commitment to equality and building a more inclusive society, and demonstrating that we welcome LGBTQA+ members. Members have described that “it opens doors and inspires young people and potential leaders to be confident in who they are, regardless of sexual orientation and informs them that they are accepted” and that it is important “to demonstrate to young people that it doesn't matter who you are, we value you as a Scout”.


Metal pin badge
Single butterfly attachment
Size: 2cm
Range: Scouts Pride