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2016 marks the 100th year of Cub Scouting. Since it was officially founded by Baden-Powell in 1916 (then known as Wolf Cubbing), generations of young people have embarked on an adventure filled with laughter, excitement and camaraderie.

Throughout the years, a great number have emerged from their Cub Scouting experience and became amazing Scouts, Rovers, and successful members of society. Today, the pack is around 13 million-strong and growing, thanks to our leaders and volunteers! Join the pack and celebrate this exciting milestone with us!

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Product Information
Look the part with this Cubs Centenary Pin Badge.

Brass Cubs pin badge with full paw print and World Emblem. Ideal to add to your World Cub Scouts Centenary collection.

Product Specification
Material: Brass
Silk screen printed
Butterfly clutch attachment
Size 25 x 21mm